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Eva Andersen


Eva J. Andersen, Designer, Teakwood Builders, kitchen and bath remodeler, custom home builder and general contractor Saratoga Springs and Capital Region Eva began doing freelance CAD and design for Teakwood. She came on fulltime as a designer in 2013, inspired by Team Teak’s depth of care for each project and client and the level of teamwork. “We support and push each other as necessary, and always work as a team to bring projects to fruition,” Eva said.

Eva takes joy in the “before and after” of a project, the thrill of seeing a tired room or home transformed into the space of the client’s dreams. Because of her love for cooking, she especially enjoys kitchen makeovers, but is also excited by the enthusiasm and creativity that people put into their basements.

“Eva can bring in some outlandish, crazy ideas that the clients latch onto, and then we have to figure out how to make them real,” Sasko said. “She makes it fun.”

Likes: chocolate, goats, peonies, tequila, sunshine, people who take the time to give the “courtesy wave” when you let them ahead of you in traffic, a great country song, the ocean

Dislikes: gin, bad coffee, bad customer service