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Aimée Cianfarani

Client Coordinator

Prior to joining Teakwood, Aimée enjoyed a successful 13-year career as a dog groomer & grooming department manager for a high-end pet salon. A native of Melrose, NY, she currently lives in Ballston Spa with her husband. (Although she confesses the love of her life might just be her beagle Otis, who rarely leaves her side.)

Aimée has always been interested in home renovation, HGTV, and transformational design. Over the years, she’s enjoyed listening to her friends, Sarah and Dan from Teakwood, talk about the projects Teakwood was working on. When they mentioned an open position at the company, it was natural for her ears to perk up, and she expressed interest in the job. The rest they say, is history.

“I told her in the interview that her title would be office manager, gatekeeper, client coordinator, sales tracker, social media director, and task manager” said Jim Sasko. Basically, Aimée is the first point of contact clients have with Teakwood and she wears many hats. She not only works with the project managers, designers, and clients, she manages all of the tracking and ordering of decorative items; from plumbing fixtures and tile, to lighting and wall colors, while putting her multi-tasking expertise to good use.

Likes: bringing her dog Otis to the office, live music, outdoor activities, natural bodies of water, racecars, singing in the car, road trips, traveling

Dislikes: clutter, lack of common courtesy