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Christopher Haskell

Concierge Manager

Christopher Haskell, Teakwood Builders, kitchen and bath remodeler, custom home builder and general contractor Saratoga Springs and Capital Region Christopher has a varied background that includes a degree in restaurant and hotel management and a stints in sales and marketing. A summer painting job helped him discover his love for detail work, and set the path for his career.

His specialty is making undetectable transitions from existing woodwork and details to new materials – and making sure the customer is happy from beginning to end, and long after.

That long-term commitment to customer satisfaction is the basis for the creation of Teakwood Concierge in 2015, a home maintenance service that Christopher oversees. He loves to share his passion for skiing, running, bicycling and fishing with his three young daughters.

Likes: life, family, skiing, biking, outdoor activities

Dislikes: tardiness, people being rude, jobs not well done