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Dan DeCenzo

Project Manager

Dan has been a core member of Team Teak since 1999, and is by far one of the most versatile carpenters on staff. His years of experience and unbelievable work ethic makes him the perfect fit for any job. Paired with his ability to stay calm under pressure, you’ll understand why clients love working with him as well. Dan’s straight forward attitude and unwavering honesty means the client always has a clear view of what is happening with their project and can ask difficult questions knowing they’ll get an unbiased response.

“There has never been a time that Dan has not proven himself to overcome a construction challenge,” says Jim Sasko. “His ‘get it done’ attitude inspires those who have the privilege to work by his side.”

Likes: sunny days, cold adult beverages, relaxation

Dislikes: rainy days, people who don’t listen, clutter