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David Cowin

Lead Carpenter

David Cowin, Carpenter, Teakwood Builders, kitchen and bath remodeler, custom home builder and general contractor Saratoga Springs and Capital Region David grew up in Stillwater, but became a skilled frame carpenter working on stately Florida homes for 17 years (and picked up a bit of southern drawl.) When he returned to New York with his family, something about Teakwood appealed to him, so he kept sending unsolicited resumes for more than a year until the company finally had an opening for a carpenter in August 2011.

“What I think is special about Teakwood is the passion to do it right even if it sets us back,” Cowin said. “There are unforeseens in remodeling. When we encounter a roadblock, we take the time to make sure it is right. In the end, the clients are happy and appreciate that we did not just glaze over it.”

In his spare time, David coaches his son’s basketball team and is renovating his home in Stillwater.

Likes: fishing, my son’s sports, being allowed to be there for him

Dislikes: warm beer, poor sportsmanship, interviews