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Joel Sasko

Project Planner/Estimator

Joel Sasko, Lead Carpenter, Teakwood Builders, kitchen and bath remodeler, custom home builder and general contractor Saratoga Springs and Capital Region Joel graduated with a degree in business marketing and worked for Teakwood in the summers. “He’s more talented than I ever was with my hands,” Sasko said of Joel, who is five years his junior. “But he had other plans.”

Joel started his career with a company that sold industrial bridge components, but soon began to hate the constant travel and the way the job made him feel. A dozen years ago, Joel came back to Teakwood as a carpenter and quickly climbed to lead carpenter.

“He excelled fast,” Sasko said. “He’s determined and versatile and an incredibly talented millworker. He’s computer savvy and his great strength lies in his communications with customers.”

Likes: building, organization, productivity, family, a good beer, a good stretch

Dislikes: stupidity, miserable people, failing, people chewing with their mouths open, illness