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Luke Rockwood

Lead Carpenter

Luke’s familiarity with Teakwood started when he was in high school. His brother worked for Teakwood until he opened his own custom cabinetry firm. Luke joined his brother’s company and learned carpentering skills on the job, working on remodeling, new construction, and custom millwork projects. But then his brother took a career turn and became a farmer. So, Luke decided to take things into his own hands and successfully ran his own building and remodeling business for many years.

One day, he ran into Jim Sasko at a local vendor. They starting updating each other on their businesses and the conversation turned to Jim mentioning he was looking for a carpenter to join his team. He asked Luke if he was interested, and it turned out he was.

Luke knew of Teakwood’s quality of work and fastidious attention to detail. He was flattered to be offered a position with the company. He now applies his fifteen years of experience to the job and handles all phases of construction, from planning and design to building and framing.

Likes: family, friends, adult beverages

Dislikes: the rain, cutting corners, tomatoes