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Michael English

Interior Designer

A few years after Michael graduated from Sage College with a degree in Interior Design and Public Communications, he interviewed with Teakwood’s owner Jim Sasko, but did not get the job. Soon after, he landed a job in the kitchen and bathroom design industry, and spent the next 15 years working on interior design projects throughout the Capital Region. During this time, he gained considerable knowledge and experience, and there is little he hasn’t encountered.

While everyone wants a project to go smoothly from A to Z, often that is not the case. Michael’s past experience gives Teakwood’s customers a big advantage, as he can spot issues before projects are started, saving considerable time and money down the road. Jim Sasko said it best, “Michael is a very talented designer. I should have hired him ten years ago.”

One of the most memorable interior design projects Michael worked on was renovating his father’s bathroom. He approached this like he does for all his clients; he first asked a simple question: “what do you like?” From there he works his interior design magic and creates a look based on a customer-driven design aesthetic. Michael says he has always been customer-focused, and it is important to him that they get what they want, not what he wants to design.

Likes: super hero movies, outlet shopping, to-do lists, Sunday brunch, DIY projects

Dislikes: grape flavor, mean people, pleated pants, wall-to-wall carpeting