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Team Teak

Led by owner and president Jim Sasko, Team Teak is made up of experienced home remodeling craftspeople who are committed to working together to ensure the success of every Teakwood project. The average tenure of a Teakwood employee is 10 years, so many of us have grown and developed with the business and have forged a strong family-like connection. Likewise, our clients become a part of our extended family. We look forward to welcoming more into the fold!

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Jim SaskoJim Sasko

Joel SaskoJoel Sasko

Thad SmithThad Smith

Sarah HislopSarah Hislop

Aimée CianfaraniAimée Cianfarani

Eva AndersenEva Andersen

Michael EnglishMichael English

Dan DeCenzoDan DeCenzo

Todd DesnoyersTodd Desnoyers

Christopher E. LamicaChristopher E. Lamica

Brian BumpBrian Bump

Bob DeVoeBob DeVoe

David CowinDavid Cowin

Mike FuscoMike Fusco

Mike BorgerMike Borger

Luke RockwoodLuke Rockwood

Susy EasterlySusy Easterly

Christopher HaskellChristopher Haskell

Tymothy Dean