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Led by owner and president Jim Sasko, Team Teak is made up of experienced home remodeling craftspeople who are committed to working together to ensure the success of every Teakwood project. The average tenure of a Teakwood employee is 10 years, so many of us have grown and developed with the business and have forged a strong family-like connection. Likewise, our clients become a part of our extended family. We look forward to welcoming more into the fold!

Jim Sasko

Dan DeCenzo

Todd Desnoyers

Jim founded Teakwood in 1996 as a young carpenter. He had already experienced the efficient but uninspiring process of production building, as well as the excitement of more creative, free-for-all custom work. Determined to blend the best of fine, responsive design with a streamlined and reliable process—and inspired by Michael Gerber’s popular book on building good business systems—Jim began developing a talented team and his company’s signature design-build process. Jim oversees all aspects of Teakwood: operations, business development, sales, project planning, and design. “We operate an open-book company, encouraging business improvements from all our team members.” Jim enjoys skiing, boating, and hiking in his spare time. He and his family also have a small, home-based horse farm.
  • indecisiveness
  • port
  • salty foods
Dan has been a vital employee since 1999 and is one of the most adaptable carpenters on staff. His years of experience, unbelievable work ethic, ability to stay calm under pressure, and forthright approach render him an effective and efficient Project Manager, able to juggle multiple projects without sacrificing quality or customer service. “There has never been a time when Dan has not proven his ability to overcome a construction challenge,” says Jim Sasko. “His ‘get-it-done’ attitude inspires those who have the privilege to work by his side." Dan joined Teakwood in 1999.
Project Manager
  • clutter
  • people who don’t listen
  • rainy days
Todd was doing light carpentry in 2000 when long-time friend Jim Sasko asked him to join Teakwood. He has consistently grown his talents and skill, progressing to Lead Carpenter and now Project Manager as the company has grown alongside him. Todd’s focus on flawlessness is unwavering, as is his attention to customer service. “Todd is an incredible craftsman,” says Jim. “He’s kind and courteous. Clients love him for that.” Todd joined Teakwood in 2000.
Project Manager
  • cold
  • seafood
  • the Yankees

Chris Lamica

Joel Sasko

Sarah Hislop

With Teakwood since 2000, Chris is multitalented and resourceful, the ultimate problem-solver. As Project Manager, he navigates unique challenges with aplomb and has successfully tackled some of Teakwood’s largest and most complex projects to date. A true woodsman, Chris renovated his home in hands-on and old-school fashion, cutting his own timbers and using antique tools. Chris joined Teakwood in 2000.
Project Manager
  • "I try not to dwell on things I don’t like.”
  • hot peppers
  • indecision
Joel graduated with a degree in business marketing and initially worked for Teakwood in the summers. “He’s more talented than I ever was with my hands,” Jim Sasko says of brother Joel, who is five years his junior. “But he had other plans.” After pursuing other construction-related professional sales, Joel eventually returned to Teakwood full-time, working his way up quickly from Carpenter to Lead Carpenter. “He excelled fast,” says Jim. “He’s determined and versatile, and an incredibly talented millworker. He’s computer savvy. His great strength lies in his communications with customers.” Joel now applies his talents with business, interpersonal communication, logistics, and negotiating to the evolving role of Estimator/Purchaser, where he is essential to predicting and managing project costs and developing trade partner relationships. Joel joined Teakwood in 2002.
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  • illness
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  • stupidity
One of the company’s most tenured and versatile employees, Sarah is constantly checking the nuts and bolts of Teakwood’s daily operations, staffing, IT, and finances. She does a little of everything, from budgeting, accounting, and forecasting to human resources, compliance, and warranty coordination. Sarah has been a vital part of Teakwood’s growth and evolution, and is a true driver of the company’s continued success. She is also a licensed real estate salesperson, effectively balancing and integrating her career at Teakwood with finding the perfect owners for the area’s beautiful homes. Sarah joined Teakwood in 2002.
Finance Director
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  • whining

Thad Smith

Bob DeVoe

Dave Cowin

A graduate of St. Lawrence University, Thad is instrumental in planning many diverse Teakwood projects. His past experience in both building and energy auditing has given him the unique ability to combine efficient and beautiful design with an environmental sensibility. “He knows the inside and out of an ice dam like no one else,” says Jim Sasko. “He’s articulate, a gifted writer, and a creative problem-solver.” Thad is also incredibly strong, rising early to do yoga five to six times a week. Thad joined Teakwood in 2006.
Project Planner
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  • laziness
  • traffic
  • whiners
Bob has been with Teakwood since 2010 and a friend of Jim Sasko since high school. He’s a talented all-around carpenter who has taken on progressive responsibility as a Lead Carpenter, excelling equally in house framing and extensive custom millwork. An enthusiastic hunter and camper, Bob loves sharing the outdoors with his two young sons. Bob joined Teakwood in 2010.
Lead Carpenter
  • hot weather
  • loud people
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream
A native of Stillwater, Dave became a skilled framing carpenter working on stately Florida homes for 17 years. When he returned to New York with his family, he was drawn to Teakwood, impressed by the company’s ethic to get it right and its focus on customer service. Dave is integral to the success of Teakwood’s growing Concierge Services division. “What I think is special about Teakwood is the passion to do it right,” says Dave. “There are unforeseens in remodeling. When we encounter a roadblock, we take the time to make sure it is right. In the end, the clients are happy and appreciative.” Dave joined Teakwood in 2011.
Lead Carpenter | Concierge Services
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  • warm beer

Brian Bump

Mike Borger

Susy Easterly

Brian was working for himself in 2010, performing some light construction for a client who had hired Teakwood for a major project, when he was “discovered.” His creativity, work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to inspire loyalty with customers fit so well with Teakwood’s own values that the company hired him shortly thereafter. Growing up and living in the Adirondacks—where it is often a long drive to the nearest hardware store—Brian boasts a “work-with-what-you-have” flair. He even has his own portable wood mill for ripping timbers. Brian joined Teakwood in 2014.
Lead Carpenter
  • city life
  • cold weather
  • poison ivy
Born and raised in Saratoga Springs and a graduate of the business management program at Skidmore College, Mike launched his career in the banking world, but pivoted to construction. Prior to Teakwood, Mike worked in framing high-end custom homes locally and on major commercial construction projects in Texas. Returning home after a year in the Austin area, Mike learned about a Teakwood opening and was eager for the opportunity, familiar with the level of skill demanded and the great work environment. He continues to perfect his craft working on one-of-a-kind projects and learning from his teammates. Mike joined Teakwood in 2017.
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  • interviews
  • posing for photos
With a background and education in studio art—and a focus on woodworking, sculpture, and furniture design—Susy began her career as a woodworker for a high-end furniture company. She went on to achieve a master’s degree in industrial design from Savannah College of Art and Design. For more than seven years, she ran her own Johnstown business, designing and building custom furniture, cabinets, doors, and millwork. Susy started at Teakwood doing bespoke work on a project-by-project basis. Now she is a Lead Carpenter, involved in jobs that showcase her unique skills. Susy joined Teakwood in 2018.
Lead Carpenter
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  • not having Albie on the job
  • warm beer

Aimée Cianfarani

Larry Costello

Harry Erickson

Aimée has worn many hats at Teakwood: office manager, gatekeeper, client coordinator, sales tracker, social media director. Familiar with all aspects of the company and its clientele, she has naturally grown along with the Concierge Services side of the business. From drywall repair and window replacement to furniture assembly and assorted fixes, Concierge Services has been enhanced and expanded with Aimée’s active involvement. Her ability to coordinate and communicate has helped the company respond to the increased demand for small projects, white-glove home repairs and maintenance, and seasonal home care services. Aimée joined Teakwood in 2018.
Concierge Services Coordinator
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  • food in the sink
  • lack of common courtesy
Larry learned about fine design details during his eight-year tenure working for a furniture designer. He puts that knowledge to use when working with unique materials—from architectural metals to exotic hardwoods—in creating a variety of projects, spanning wine cellar casework to green luxury home-builds. Larry joined Teakwood in 2019.
Lead Carpenter
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  • clutter
  • heights
Harry has a background and education in athletics and communication, having played college lacrosse at the University at Albany and coached teams downstate at John Jay High School and Vassar College. His path to carpentry and Teakwood was via woodworking skills learned from his master carpenter father and construction work he did on school breaks. His experience working with and coaching teams serves him well with the company’s team-oriented ethos, while his focus on communication make him a customer service-oriented standout. Harry joined Teakwood in 2019.
  • disorganization
  • Mondays
  • traffic

Todd Owen

Jim Quivey

Mike Fusco

Todd is an experienced problem-solver who oversees Teakwood’s Concierge Services expert home maintenance and repair division. He has been in the construction and renovation business since he was a teenager. He was a Lead Carpenter for many years prior to heading up Concierge Services. Todd joined Teakwood in 2020.
Project Manager | Concierge Services
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  • vegetables
Jim’s diverse background—from an education in economics to a turn in craft brewing—led him to discover carpentry and woodworking, eventually working for a leading Boston-area contracting company co-owned by Tom Silva of PBS’s This Old House. A move closer to family in Glens Falls brought him to Teakwood, where he started as a Lead Carpenter. Now, Jim plans projects while also assisting with construction coordination and overall scheduling, helping to transition jobs from the pre-construction planning phase to production. Jim joined Teakwood in 2020.
Project Planner
  • "it's good enough"
  • a poorly loaded dishwasher
  • traffic
Mike’s involvement in carpentry and construction has been lifelong. He has progressed from apprentice to master carpenter and boasts decades of experience. Mike has a keen eye for detail, infectious enthusiasm, and works efficiently and at a quick pace. His forté is with fine finish carpentry and installing detailed architectural millwork, ensuring everything is precisely cut, fitted, and built to perfection. Mike joined Teakwood in 2020.
  • freezing temperatures
  • mold
  • spiders

Amy Paigo

Kelly Schroeder

Tara Chhabra

Amy has worked in the residential design industry for more than two decades, first for home improvement businesses throughout high school and college, then as a lead kitchen and bath designer after earning her degree in interior design. She progressed to a career as a senior designer for an award-winning cabinet design company where she worked with homeowners, architects, designers, remodelers, and builders. Now, she oversees Teakwood’s growing Housewright Cabinetry business. Amy joined Teakwood in 2020.
Cabinetry Designer
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  • snow
  • tardiness
Integrity is how Kelly defines Teakwood. “I worked with Teakwood about a decade ago and was really impressed with the unrivaled commitment to quality and service,” she reflects. It was this commitment that compelled her to join the company, bringing with her a wealth of experience as an Interior Designer. Originally from East Aurora in western New York and with a background in designing commercial furniture, Kelly has worked for architectural and design firms on both coasts. She has collaborated with a wide variety of architects, engineers, builders, and clients. Kelly has an intuitive ability to understand and translate an individual’s design vision. She is committed to helping clients feel at ease in selecting the lighting, flooring, countertops, cabinets, and finishes that are the foundation of any beautiful home or business. Kelly joined Teakwood in 2021.
Interior Designer
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  • perforated items that don’t rip cleanly
  • the bottom of the bag of chips
In 2010, Tara was a Teakwood client. She turned to the company to transform her 1970s ranch into a cozy Craftsman-like cottage. She loved and learned so much from Team Teak during the project that she pitched herself to Jim Sasko as someone who could guide other homeowners through the often daunting process of remodeling. Back “home” at Teakwood after years sharpening her management and business development skills, Tara now helps to manage the day-to-day office operations, finding ways for the company to work even more efficiently and effectively. She also collaborates with the leadership team on longer-term business planning. Tara joined Teakwood in 2021.
Operations Manager
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  • cannoli
  • good-byes

Adam Roys

Tim Grennon

Rick Argento

Adam is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast who hails from the rolling hills of western New York. He fell in love with the Adirondack region when he relocated here with his wife. After years of working in various construction trades—landscaping, concrete, roofing, siding, and framing—his grandfather’s hobby of woodworking became his passion. From framing to finish carpentry, and custom millwork to rustic log furniture, wood is Adam’s craft. His attention to detail and pursuit of skill permit him to do work he loves surrounded by beautiful scenery. He has worked on some of the largest custom homes in and around Lake George. Adam enjoys the work-life balance of his position. He knew after just one conversation with Teakwood president Jim Sasko that he had found the right company to encourage his love of creating, learning, and sharing. Adam joined Teakwood in 2022.
Lead Carpenter
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  • shaving
  • waiting
Ballston Spa native Tim Grennon returned to the Capital Region after a decade of living and working on Long Island. Weary of the hours-long commute to and from high-end residential construction jobs, Tim opted to come back upstate with his family in 2022. Tim’s specialties are custom finish carpentry and kitchen installs, but he has quickly proven himself to be a versatile carpenter and capable team leader. Tim joined Teakwood in 2022.
Lead Carpenter
  • cold
  • traffic
  • weather indecisiveness
Originally from California, Rick started doing residential construction in NYC after attending trade school, then moved back to Sacramento where he worked as a carpenter in the Napa area. In 2022, Rick relocated to the Capital Region to find relief from West Coast wildfires and to start a family with his fiancée, who has local ties. He approached Teakwood for an opportunity based on positive word-of-mouth and the company’s stellar reputation. Rick has been enjoying his work outdoors, but finds the humid Upstate NY summers a particular challenge…out of the (wild)fire and into the proverbial frying pan! Rick joined Teakwood in 2022.
  • humidity
  • Ryobi
  • Sacramento Kings

Bridget Jansen

Kevin Vogel

Tom Dwyer

Hailing from Bayville, Long Island, Bridget relocated to Saratoga Springs after earning her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from University at Buffalo. She grew up around construction, helping her general-contractor father. He encouraged Bridget’s knack for design and space planning by giving her a drafting table when she was 12. Having worked for various architecture firms since high school, Bridget aspired to join a design/build firm. Her interest in Teakwood was piqued by seeing the company’s trucks in the area, walking past the Church Street offices, and visiting the company website. As a Project Designer, Bridget performs site measures and creates cabinet and millwork shop drawings, as-builts, conceptual renderings, and construction drawings for a variety of Teakwood projects. Bridget joined Teakwood in 2022.
Project Designer
  • high-pitched noises
  • lack of clarity
  • tedious tasks
A self-proclaimed Adventurous Adirondacks Woodworker, Kevin's passion for his craft has grown and evolved alongside his love for ice hockey and exploring the outdoors. Competitive sport in college taught him valuable life lessons in teamwork, discipline, and dedication. Prior work in the restaurant industry provided a keen understanding of exceptional customer service. But it's his appetite for carpentry that keeps him honing his woodworking skills, taking specialized courses, attending workshops, and reading and experimenting tirelessly. In the short time he’s been with us, Kevin has proven himself to be a highly capable craftsman, the consummate team player, and all-around genial gent! Kevin joined Teakwood in 2023.
  • Less than 8 hours of sleep
  • mint ice cream
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • wife's cooking
Like many on our team, Tom's path to Teakwood has been anything but conventional! With a dual Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and toxicology from Nazareth College, Tom spent his initial post-uni years performing award-winning research on anti-Alzheimer's therapeutics and working for large biomedical firms. But his passion for building things and a lifelong interest in residential construction--coupled with an entrepreneurial bent, having launched a mobile bar business with his wife after renovating a 1967 Shasta compact camper!--prompted his job pivot. Now a budding carpenter, Tom is as obsessed with homebuilding details as the rest of our team, applying his precise medical mind to honing his new craft and career. Tom joined Teakwood in 2024.
  • "That's the way we've always done it"
  • Sleeping
  • Sweet wine

Amy Grumbling

Luke Rockwood

Raised in South Vietnam, Amy believes great design has the ability to dissolve differences, bridge barriers, and even help create meaningful social change. She sees design as a sort of universal language, uniting people from diverse backgrounds. With her multicultural upbringing, Amy approaches her work with a unique perspective and ability to adapt swiftly. Her strong work ethic, attention to detail, patience, and perseverance combine with her compassion and willingness to help others, rendering her an eager and open-hearted addition to the Teakwood design team. Amy enjoys all aspects of creative design, fine arts, and photography. In her free time, find her hiking, camping, and watching movies with her family. Amy joined Teakwood in 2024.
Interior Designer
  • Icy roads
  • Litter
  • Underripe bananas

In Memoriam 1985-2019

We were honored to have Luke at Teakwood. It was a privilege to work alongside him, even if that time wasn’t nearly long enough. Luke made an immediate impact when he joined the company in December 2017. Always willing to go the extra mile, Luke made on-the-job life more enjoyable. His passion for carpentry was evident in everything he crafted. He was caring and funny. His family meant the world to him. Those of us fortunate enough to know and work with Luke lost a dear friend. He is sincerely missed.

Lead Carpenter
  • cutting corners
  • the rain
  • tomatoes