Hearth Warming (Advisory: Graphic Fireplace Before & Afters)

As you’re cranking up the sooty old fireplace for the season, you may ask yourself: “Would it be worth the trouble to fix this thing up?”

That’s, of course, a personal matter. But to help your thought process, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite Teakwood fireplace projects so you can see what a new fireplace – or even a new look for an old fireplace – can do for a room. (Click the photos for a closer look.)

Open to Warmth

This was the back of a fireplace that faced another room. The new owners wanted to use this space as a sitting room adjacent to the open kitchen. Teakwood closed off the fireplace in the other room and cut a new firebox into this side of the chimney, adding a barn beam as the mantle.

Bring Up the Heat

This stately old stone fireplace had the feeling of being dropped into the room, rather than being an organic part of it. Building up the hearth and raising the firebox brought the cozy glow of flames to a more accessible level for users of the dining room.

Florida Modern Makeover

This transformation of a sprawling flat-roofed home into a villa of many peaks was so dramatic it’s hard to grasp this is the same room. Hint: The inset gas fireplace and television are on the same wall that used to have the sconces and mirror.

A Fresh Face for an Old Friend

This really wasn’t an awful fireplace, but the flat-on-the-floor marble hearth extension and ornate columns didn’t fit in with the cleaner, cozier, modern room the new owners had in mind.

Bye Bye Brick

What a difference a new surround and mantel can make for the style of a room. Bringing the fireplace surround into the room creates a compelling focal point.

It’s all in the details

This update to a modern home gave the living room a focal point: a fireplace with a bluestone dry-stacked hearth and a handcrafted mantel with corbel supports.

Beautiful Inside and Out

This lovingly renovated Saratoga Springs home has a spectacular two-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed from the sun porch, as well as from inside the living room.

More of our favorite fires


Stay warm, and Happy Holidays from Team Teak!