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Finely Crafted Luxury Homes
and Historic Renovation

Dave Cowin

Lead Carpenter | Concierge Services

Dave Cowin

A native of Stillwater, Dave became a skilled framing carpenter working on stately Florida homes for 17 years. When he returned to New York with his family, he was drawn to Teakwood, impressed by the company’s ethic to get it right and its focus on customer service. Dave is integral to the success of Teakwood’s growing Concierge Services division. “What I think is special about Teakwood is the passion to do it right,” says Dave. “There are unforeseens in remodeling. When we encounter a roadblock, we take the time to make sure it is right. In the end, the clients are happy and appreciative.” Dave joined Teakwood in 2011.

Dislikes: interviews, poor sportsmanship, warm beer