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Finely Crafted Luxury Homes
and Historic Renovation

Kevin Vogel


Kevin Vogel

A self-proclaimed Adventurous Adirondacks Woodworker, Kevin’s passion for his craft has grown and evolved alongside his love for ice hockey and exploring the outdoors. Competitive sport in college taught him valuable life lessons in teamwork, discipline, and dedication. Prior work in the restaurant industry provided a keen understanding of exceptional customer service. But it’s his appetite for carpentry that keeps him honing his woodworking skills, taking specialized courses, attending workshops, and reading and experimenting tirelessly. In the short time he’s been with us, Kevin has proven himself to be a highly capable craftsman, the consummate team player, and all-around genial gent! Kevin joined Teakwood in 2023.


Dislikes: Less than 8 hours of sleep, mint ice cream, Toronto Maple Leafs, wife's cooking