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Finely Crafted Luxury Homes
and Historic Renovation

Tara Chhabra

Operations Manager

Tara Chhabra

In 2010, Tara was a Teakwood client. She turned to the company to transform her 1970s ranch into a cozy Craftsman-like cottage. She loved and learned so much from Team Teak during the project that she pitched herself to Jim Sasko as someone who could guide other homeowners through the often daunting process of remodeling. Back “home” at Teakwood after years sharpening her management and business development skills, Tara now helps to manage the day-to-day office operations, finding ways for the company to work even more efficiently and effectively. She also collaborates with the leadership team on longer-term business planning. Tara joined Teakwood in 2021.

Dislikes: assumptions, cannoli, good-byes