Historic restoration and the renaissance of an Italianate home


Winner of the 2022 CRBRA Best in Building Award for Best Historic Remodel


An eye-popping antique in downtown Saratoga Springs required an exterior remodel befitting the building’s historic heritage. What began as a simple refresh of some trims and minor masonry repair soon evolved into a more in-depth project when extensive rot and deterioration was discovered, along with evidence of insects.

What was involved

The 1868 home demanded expert restoration-in-place or replication of a number of distinctive Italianate features touched by time and the elements. Teakwood repaired or replaced elaborate dental moulding and crown millwork at the second-story cornice around the whole perimeter, seamlessly blending original and new components at the fascia. Decorative brackets at the deep eaves were restored and repainted. A hallmark belvedere atop the home was painstakingly refurbished, with arch-top windows—jambs, sills, casings, sashes—custom-crafted by Teakwood’s master carpenter, and new glass was hand-glazed.



On the main level, a glass-paneled enclosed sun porch on the side of the building was sagging. In disrepair and functioning as a catch-all storage space, Teakwood redesigned and rebuilt it as a welcoming sunroom with custom mahogany panels, tongue-and-groove decking, and edge-and-center bead board ceiling. The homeowners now enjoy it seasonally as additional living and entertaining space. Teakwood also undertook repairs to the masonry, repointing brick where needed, before refreshing the entire façade with new paint. Copper downspouts fashionably mitigate future water issues. With a special sensitivity to important details and a unique understanding of historic homes, Teakwood helped with the renaissance of this 150-year-old masterpiece.

Challenges and solutions

While the original plan was for a mostly cosmetic exterior update, the home ultimately required more intensive work. Up top, a neglected belvedere with considerable deterioration got custom treatment from Teakwood’s artisans to renew it as a crowning architectural component. Down below, a sinking side porch masked systemic issues that begged a more creative solution: Teakwood designed and constructed a replacement sunroom that fortified structure while enhancing curb appeal and function. In between, exacting work done to replicate or repair original millwork, masonry, and painted surfaces yielded a faithful refresh of the historic façade.

With over 25 years’ experience restoring distinctive historic homes in and around Saratoga Springs, Teakwood was able to draw on the knowledge and skill of its craftspeople to update the exterior of this sizeable in-town Italianate residence in a way that honored its 1868 origin. Master carpenters, stone masons, and engineers combined efforts to not only beautify the stately building, but also to shore up its structure, improve aesthetics and function, and help ensure its longevity well into the 21st century and beyond.


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