Meet the Teakwood Team | Adam Roys

Meet Adam Roys, one of Teakwood’s essential lead carpenters, whose dedication and expertise have helped shape luxury homes for over two decades. Adam’s journey in carpentry, deeply rooted in his experiences with his grandfather, reflects his passion for the craft and a commitment to quality and excellence.

At Teakwood, Adam is part of a team of high-caliber carpenters backed by a robust office team experienced in design and sales, ensuring every project is handled with unmatched professionalism and skill. For Adam, the joy of the job comes from delivering exceptional work and seeing the satisfaction on a customer’s face — “It’s a pride thing,” he says.

Adam views carpentry not just as a job but as a lifelong education, constantly exploring and embracing the limitless possibilities of his trade. This approach, combined with Teakwood’s commitment to luxury and quality, ensures every project is a masterpiece.

Watch Adam’s full interview to hear more about his passion for carpentry and his experiences at Teakwood. Interested in starting a project with Teakwood’s expert team? Contact us to bring your vision to life.