Meet the Teakwood Team | John Higley

Meet John Higley, one of Teakwood’s skilled team members specializing in interior trim work. John’s expertise spans a wide range of trim details, from doors and cabinets to ceilings and crown molding, ensuring every inch of a home’s interior reflects elegance, precision, and the client’s vision.

John’s work is a critical bridge between design concepts and the tangible realities of construction. He tackles the constant challenge of translating designs from paper to practice, ensuring that even the most complex visions become functional, beautiful realities within a home. This task showcases the adaptability and problem-solving skills that Teakwood’s team embodies and values.

For John, the client’s vision is paramount. He is dedicated to realizing homeowners’ dreams in every project. According to John, while many claim excellence, Teakwood Builders genuinely delivers, distinguishing themselves with high-end work and an exceptional team capable of bringing the most ambitious projects to life.

Watch John’s full interview to discover more about his intricate work and the Teakwood difference. Ready to transform your home with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship? Contact us today.