Meet The Teakwood Team | Kevin Vogel

Meet Kevin Vogel, a carpenter here at Teakwood, where luxury and precision in home construction and remodeling are standards upheld by every team member. Kevin brings a blend of artistry and expertise to the team, contributing to the company’s reputation for surpassing luxury expectations.

Kevin describes the unique synergy that makes working at Teakwood so special — where innovative designs from the creative team and the seasoned experience of carpenters like him blend to take the form of the most luxurious bespoke homes.

Kevin was recently involved in a challenging yet rewarding project that marries a 1900s home with modern design, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and respect for history that Teakwood stands for.

His philosophy? Let the wood and the project tell him what to do. With wood over 100 years old, there’s no scientific method, he likes to let each project speak to him, ensuring integrity and beauty shine through in the final presentation.

Watch Kevin’s full interview for a closer look at Kevin’s craftsmanship and insights into Teakwood’s one-of-a-kind projects. Ready to elevate your space with our team’s expertise? Contact us to start your luxury project today.