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Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting businesses around the globe. At Teakwood, we have had to reimagine how we work on the job site and how we work safely with homeowners who have entrusted us with their renovation or building project. We are committed to following these precautions for the safety of all. These include:

  • Wearing masks/face coverings when not able to maintain 6 feet from each other
  • Restricting access to the construction project by installing barriers to close off the rest of the home
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as shared tools, vehicles, handrails, ladders, and doorknobs
  • Practicing proper hand hygiene by placing handwashing stations and/or hand sanitizers at the job site
  • Modifying work schedules to reduce the total number of workers on a job site

The Teakwood Team

We wouldn’t be a successful business without the dedicated and hardworking people who make up the Teakwood team. As employees of Teakwood, many have been with us for years. From start to finish, the same craftspeople will work on each project. We also closely monitor deliveries from suppliers and limit interaction with non-essential service providers.

Virtual Design and Planning Consultation

We’ve shifted our in-person meeting time to include some virtual consultations with homeowners without compromising good communication. We offer the same level of professional services as if we were working in person.

Don’t wait to start planning your project or get answers to your design questions. We have the ability to show images and design layouts and can send digital forms and documents via email to keep the entire process on track.

We’re here to help. Schedule an appointment today.