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Past-Perfect Porch

The owners of this 1896 shingle-style cottage in Saratoga Springs were inspired by an early photo of the home to resurrect a stately covered porch and rotunda, casualties of a previous renovation. With an aging screened entry and an eagerness for enhanced curb appeal, the homeowners worked with Teakwood and the architect to design and craft a porch for the ages. The home’s location within an historic district presented unique challenges. Alterations were subject to strict design and materials standards. Teakwood took pains to use the finest wood, stone, finishes, and construction techniques. Steel supports were cleverly concealed by hollowed-out, turned-wood columns. At the foundation, full bed-depth granite—substantial 6-inch-thick blocks—was painstakingly hand-chiseled and pieced together over several months. Quarter-round curbs original to the home’s landscaped perimeter were recreated with cast molds and poured concrete. Bespoke balusters and handrails replicated original profiles. Tidy landscaping and metal fencing framed the entirety. All combined to create an outdoor space that honors the home’s Gilded Age history. Now, the porch welcomes friends and family to linger longer, to appreciate the façade as conceived over a century ago.