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No Holds Barred

Speakeasy Basement Transformation in Saratoga Springs

Home Remodel

Introducing “No Holds Barred,” a luxurious basement remodel concealed under a special horse farm in Saratoga Springs, NY. This two-time award-winning masterpiece seamlessly integrates a billiards parlor, whiskey room, spa, golf simulator, and a New Orleans-styled bar into a 384 sq. ft. space.

A Symphony of Elegance and Function

The project features custom ceiling designs, steel doors bearing the horse farm’s logo, and a combination of glass, wood, and metals, culminating in a space that blends luxury and warmth. The seven-seat bar, with its dramatic style and meticulous design, is a focal point of the project. Surrounded with warmly lit floating glass and wood shelves, and a banquette backed by a cushioned wall of vibrant tartan for additional seating, the space exudes both luxury and practicality.

A Showcase of Craftsmanship

“No Holds Barred” showcases Teakwood’s unparalleled ability to transform limited spaces into lavish havens. By raising the floor and dropping the ceiling, a greater sense of intimacy was achieved. Unique design elements, such as retractable steel-framed tempered glass windows, a sinuous bar, and an array of lavish finishes and patterns, combined to create an exclusive yet fashionable setting.