QCCI Cabinetry: Custom by Definition

Why does Teakwood Builders choose to offer QCCI cabinetry? Quality Custom Cabinetry, Inc. redefines the word  “custom.”  If you dream it, Teakwood designs it, then QCCI can build it.

Like most trending buzzwords in the design industry, “custom” has been overused and abused.  Does picking the stain and panel on your cabinets qualify as custom? Does choosing between 2 drawer inserts for your kitchen pantry pass as custom? The word literally means “made to personal order.” To me, the word “custom” denotes choice…loads of choices…loads of MY choices.  I define “custom” as one-of-a-kind, tailor-made for me.

QCCI can make custom, furniture-style cabinets that fit your house or redefine it. What appears to be a bench-made cabinet may hold your milk.


“Custom” always walks hand in hand with “quality.” Choices are the nemesis of mass production. By offering a homeowner such creative power and infinite design choices, QCCI is committing to master craftsmanship and attention to detail – the root words of quality.

QCCI offers all wood species interiors so that the inside of the drawers are as sumptuous as the exteriors. They use environmentally sustainable products that contain no chemicals or VOC.


There are some things you just have to touch and try out for yourself.   QCCI’s ultra-smooth, hand-finished, hand-sanded, oil-rubbed finish on walnut cabinets is one. Or the retracting glide of a soft-close drawer made possible by QCCI’s superior hidden hardware, routed down inside the face frame.

QCCI makes cabinets just the way you want it.  Get accustomed to it. 


Check out Teakwood’s QCCI Idea Board on Pinterest.