Clients with recently completed projects give feedback

“Thanks for your e-mail and for the affirmation that the choice of paint and overall look is garnering some approval from the community. We, too, have been hearing some pretty nice things about our selections and your work. Indeed, we hope the end result, besides an amazingly beautiful building, will be an increased interest in our firm. At a visitation on Tuesday evening, we really needed to step outside, every now and again, so that our swelling heads would not explode from all the positive comments we were receiving. Very, very nice.” -Vince Fronzek, Bowen & Parker Brothers Funeral Home, Latham NY

“Thanks so much for everything! We love our new space! Everyone on the team was terrific!  It’s really a combination of expertise/workmanship coupled with superior customer interaction that sets you guys apart. Special thanks for your support and patience as we worked through budget and uncertain economic times to get this project off the ground!” -Gail S., Albany NY

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