Travel Home with Teakwood: Whole House Luxury Remodel

Why not toss out, tear down, and bulldoze your house? Because the view from your kitchen is unsurpassed. Your mantelpiece was hand-carved in 1804. All your bedrooms are spacious with high ceilings. Your kids have grown to love all of their neighborhood friends. These qualities have weight, they pack punch, they make you want to dig your feet in, call on your inner ancestor, stand in front of the wrecking ball and stay!

Well…there is the wee problem of no windows facing the view from the kitchen, the last owner dry-walling over the 19th century woodwork, your favorite neighbor’s living room looking directly into your shower, and the fact that none of the gracious bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms or closets. Ironically, the key to your home’s staying power is change.

Remodel. Revive. Refashion. Repurpose. Reinvent. Reconfigure. Restore. Re-invest. The good news is we don’t have to live forever with one absolute. Houses are the primary evidence of life’s evolving journey. There are new rooms for new discoveries and new celebrations.

Knowing there is always opportunity for a “re-do” may be a relief but, like anything else, we don’t have the financial or emotional resources to embark on a luxury remodel expedition every time we are struck with cabin fever. Impeccable planning, design, and project management yield timeless results and smooth traveling.

Teakwood president and owner Jim Sasko is a steadfast believer in thorough planning. The Teakwood journey begins with a financial analysis. By studying the housing market in your area you get an idea of the potential return on your investment.  This helps you determine how far to go in a whole house renovation and where to concentrate your resources. If you decide to invest more than what resale might suggest, Teakwood wants to ensure you truly feel this added value in the end.

Most clients want to immediately share their Houzz ideabooks and leap into design discussions, but Sasko insists that function be the focus of the initial program meeting. Teakwood walks through your house and your life with you room by room and helps identify strengths and challenges of each space. “If you are expecting a 3rd child and don’t have a 3rd bedroom, this is the time to let us know,” smiles Sasko. The existing footprint will set some inevitable limitations, and the challenge is not to let those perimeters or old familiar habits hamper creativity. Teakwood brings a fresh pair of expert eyes and helps you re-see the familiar. “‘We would never have thought that was possible,’ is the reaction I always get,” comments Sasko.

As a design-build company, Teakwood excels in aesthetics. As designers they marry your two-dimensional dreams with proportion, space, geometry, and light. As builders they sculpt, engineer, and seamlessly fit together raw materials so that they will permanently defy gravity.

Teakwood clients have sophisticated tastes, and they most always know quality products and finishes when they see them, but not everyone can picture the end result. Will the media built-in overpower the room? How will the kitchen layout out feel in the space and will the lighting be enough?  How does the height of the mantle shelf relate to my 9ft ceilings? “I am a visual person myself, not to mention meticulous” offers Sasko, “I show up to a site walkthrough with an oversized permanent marker and my i-pad and expect to draw on the walls, mock things up, and go the extra mile so that a client can better visualize their new dwelling space.”

With a defined scope and finishes selected, budget reality sets in. Reality is exactly what you need from your contracting company. “When our competitors underestimate or hide costs they endanger the end product and misguide client expectations,” suggests Sasko. Did you know that your new double-paned windows come with gooey stickers that are hard to remove and that sawdust can be blown out of your new air registers? That level of reality is on Teakwood’s radar screen and while you may opt out, they never forget real details such as whole house cleaning after project completion.

Teakwood delivers you to your destination with all-inclusive, personal service. “It’s a rather difficult concept to market or communicate about your own company, but a whole house remodel can and should be fun and hassle free,” volunteers Sasko. Teakwood hires lead carpenters with great personal skills and promotes a collegial company culture. Subcontractor relationships are long-term and equally loyal ensuring consistent quality.  As a result we gain lifelong client relationships and maintain a day-to-day tone that is celebratory and upbeat.  Frequent and open communication between design team, lead carpenter, tradespeople, and you ensures smooth mid-project problem solving and an efficient pace.  While you spend your day indulging in glass wall tile, considering the wine cellar, and browsing Pinterest, Teakwood will locate your reclaimed barn beams, stake out your new sitting porch dimensions, track down a missing part for your antique faucet, and find an exact match for a historic color.

You have heard you need an expert guide when remodeling your whole house. Teakwood’s toolbox goes beyond the hammer and measuring tape. They juggle compass, clock, calculator, binoculars, itinerary, and maps. They listen with their eyes, know all the back roads, and speak ‘home’ fluently, so you can journey without a hitch.

Reserve your ticket. Travel home with Teakwood.