Where’s Sasko?

It seems like Teakwood president and owner Jim Sasko is everywhere these days. For just over a month, Teakwood has been running a new TV ad on WTEN and several cable networks–including YNN, Food Network, HGTV, and Lifetime–and Jim and his family make a guest appearance at the end of that spot. At about the same time as the Teakwood ad began its run, Hudson Valley Community College–unbeknownst to Jim or any of us at Teakwood–began running an ad campaign that also featured Jim (Jim is a 1991 graduate of HVCC’s Construction Engineering program). Part of this campaign included area billboards, like the one pictured here.  Have you seen Sasko? If so, take a picture and post it to our Facebook page. We’ll choose a participant at random to receive a free design consultation for your next Teakwood building/remodeling project!