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Finely Crafted Luxury Homes
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Amy Grumbling

Interior Designer

Amy Grumbling

Raised in South Vietnam, Amy believes great design has the ability to dissolve differences, bridge barriers, and even help create meaningful social change. She sees design as a sort of universal language, uniting people from diverse backgrounds. With her multicultural upbringing, Amy approaches her work with a unique perspective and ability to adapt swiftly. Her strong work ethic, attention to detail, patience, and perseverance combine with her compassion and willingness to help others, rendering her an eager and open-hearted addition to the Teakwood design team. Amy enjoys all aspects of creative design, fine arts, and photography. In her free time, find her hiking, camping, and watching movies with her family. Amy joined Teakwood in 2024.

Dislikes: Icy roads, Litter, Underripe bananas