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Finely Crafted Luxury Homes
and Historic Renovation

Jim Sasko


Jim Sasko

Jim founded Teakwood in 1996 as a young carpenter. He had already experienced the efficient but uninspiring process of production building, as well as the excitement of more creative, free-for-all custom work. Determined to blend the best of fine, responsive design with a streamlined and reliable process—and inspired by Michael Gerber’s popular book on building good business systems—Jim began developing a talented team and his company’s signature design-build process. Jim oversees all aspects of Teakwood: operations, business development, sales, project planning, and design. “We operate an open-book company, encouraging business improvements from all our team members.” Jim enjoys skiing, boating, and hiking in his spare time. He and his family also have a small, home-based horse farm.

Dislikes: indecisiveness, port, salty foods