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Joel Sasko


Joel Sasko

Joel graduated with a degree in business marketing and initially worked for Teakwood in the summers. “He’s more talented than I ever was with my hands,” Jim Sasko says of brother Joel, who is five years his junior. “But he had other plans.” After pursuing other construction-related professional sales, Joel eventually returned to Teakwood full-time, working his way up quickly from Carpenter to Lead Carpenter. “He excelled fast,” says Jim. “He’s determined and versatile, and an incredibly talented millworker. He’s computer savvy. His great strength lies in his communications with customers.” Joel now applies his talents with business, interpersonal communication, logistics, and negotiating to the evolving role of Estimator/Purchaser, where he is essential to predicting and managing project costs and developing trade partner relationships. Joel joined Teakwood in 2002.

Dislikes: failing, illness, miserable people, people chewing with their mouths open, stupidity