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Modern Farm House

A remarkable thing about Teakwood Builders founder Jim Sasko’s modern farm house is that he and his wife got everything they wanted and still stayed within their original budget. 
“When your wife marries a builder and she sees all the other things you build, she wants one of everything,” Sasko laughed. 
The home won a 2014 Merit Award Eastern New York from the American Institute of Architects.

“My favorite thing is the glass,” Sasko said. “I can see 180 degrees around that house. When you have the space, one of the best things you can do is create that fishbowl where you can see the fresh fallen snow, the spring flowers, the summer rains and the fall leaves.”

A barn added to the modern farm house has become part of a miniature horse breeding operation run by the Sasko family called Seven Gables Farms LLC.