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Luxury Made Below Grade

A Subterranean Marvel in Saratoga Springs

Basement Remodel
Innovative Transformation

While embarking on an expansive whole-home remodel, Teakwood Builders, Inc. delved into the depths of luxury with the creation of this extraordinary subterranean space – a basement transformation like no other. Forming the foundation of a luxurious Saratoga Springs retreat, this basement remodel is the epitome of sophistication – a one-of-a-kind leisure and recreation space for homeowners with a taste for the extraordinary and a love for entertaining friends and family.

Crafting Underground Elegance

Creating the expansive basement took a feat of engineering, Teakwood meticulously connected two antique structures – a 1790s home and an 1800s repurposed barn – through a modernized foundation. The generous space hosts a New Orleans-styled bar, home theatre, billiards parlor, golf simulator, a wine and whiskey room, and a spa with a sauna and jetted tub. These indulgent touches create a resort-like haven where the homeowners and their guests can escape reality and unwind. A masterful mix of custom-built features, state-of-the-art technology, and elevated design creates a luxurious entertainment space that is anything but a basement.

From Challenges to Triumph

Challenge arose with the absence of natural light leaving the space feeling dark and disconnected. Teakwood had to create a solution that would combine a striking mix of materials and finishes in a way that would uplift not overwhelm the space as well as harmonize the loftiness of the 12-foot ceilings in one area while another felt much more snug. Raising floor of the bar floor and dropping the ceiling created the client’s desired intimacy. The elevation change between areas was addressed with a step-down transition, framed by specially fabricated steel doors bearing the horsehead logo of the owner’s thoroughbred farm.

A Testament to Ingenuity and Innovation

Teakwood’s ingenuity transformed potential drawbacks into design triumphs. The result is an underground escape that defies the conventional basement experience. From intimate bar spaces to grand entertainment zones, this project creates true luxury in a space synonymous with the exact opposite.