Customer Testimonials

“Christopher completed a job at my house which included drywall/ painting… It was flawless. He also addressed two doors which were not closing easily (one due to a very large golden retriever named Jane) and a garage door that was also failing. He fixed it all! I think he might be a magician! He can address any home issue and fix it so that it is working better than it did in the beginning. As an essential member of the Teakwood Team, knowing that Christopher is always ready and available to address any house issue is a blessing for me. I don’t worry when things happen, I just email Teakwood and then it is all fixed. Thank you for providing this type of service.”
– Teakwood customer Sherry

“Teakwood Builders’ Concierge Service has proved to provide exceptional quality at a fair price on my collection of electrical, mechanical, painting/staining and carpentry tasks. All of these small, unrelated jobs needed doing – how was I to ensure the right skill set for each one? The answer for me was to go with a contractor with a proven reputation and record of craftsmanship and attention to client relationship, Teakwood Builders. I can now say from personal experience that Teakwood people put the same pride in performance in their concierge service as in their major build/remodel projects. And here’s a shout out to Christopher for upholding the tradition!”
– Teakwood customer Barry Gustafson

“Teakwood’s quality craftsmanship, courteous, professional service and reliability are always impeccable. Thanks for the great job on our recent office remodeling project. In just a few days you transformed my employees’ workspaces to be brighter, more efficient, and far more organized. They all comment on what a positive difference this has made in their workday!”
–Maggie Fronk, Executive Director, Wellspring